facebook status quotes

facebook status quotes
Without +ve attitude, success is called chance.
But with positive attitude, success is called accomplishment.
take good care of yourself.
God bless u. G0OD M0RNING
Have a Nice day.
Facebook Status Love Messages

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If u praise some0ne, They believe You must have your own mean in this..
If You don;t praise, They call you jealous......
If You do special care for some0ne, They mean that u fall in love with them..
If you show u doln’t care, They call you selfish.....
If you  on a regular basis SMS ur friends, They call u sticky..
If u do not expose them for a  some days, They call you proud..
U can never make the whole world felicitous,
So focus on the person u daily see in the mirror.

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Always remember to wishing your dear
and loves good luck as UR
wish can actually light up someone’s day!
Have a Nice Day.

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